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  • Sophie Raynor

Timor-Leste recognised as global innovation leader

Timor-Leste’s “initiative and clear process” impressed as it was welcomed as the newest branch of global agriculture innovation network Prolinnova at the group’s annual conference in Ghana this week.

Officially welcoming Prolinnova Timor-Leste as the newest Prolinnova country platform at its International Partners Workshop in Tamale, the Prolinnova Oversight Committee recognised Timor-Leste’s ability to bring together multiple stakeholders to create a strong internal network for supporting farmers.

Representatives from three national NGOs and two universities signed a memorandum of understanding for the formation of the chapter in Dili last month, after receiving financial support from the Prime Minister’s Office through the Government of Timor-Leste’s Civil Society Fund.

The parties agreed to rotate chairmanship of the local chapter, with RAEBIA Timor-Leste taking the lead for the chapter’s first year. Leadership will rotate between NGOs RAEBIA, PERMATIL and HASATIL, and the Universidade da Paz and Universidade Nacional Timor Lorosa’e, each subsequent year.

RAEBIA Timor-Leste’s executive director Xisto Martins attended the three-day-long conference with Joaquim da Costa Freitas from the Prime Minister’s Office as Prolinnova Timor-Leste’s representatives.

The global network aims to place farmers at the centre of agricultural research and development, with Timor-Leste’s local chapter focusing specifically on indigenous technology and farmers’ abilities to adapt to the effects of climate change.

The United Nations estimates up to 120,000 households across Timor-Leste have been effected by the El Nino phenomenon since 2015, and last week made available emergency funding for drought mitigation in Timor-Leste.

Photo: Xisto Martins (second left) and Joaquim da Costa Freitas (third left) at the Prolinnova International Partners Workshop in Tamale, Ghana.

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