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CSOs in Timor-Leste raising awareness of the impact of climate change on sustainable development

Starting in February 2019, RAEBIA Timor-Leste teamed with PLAN Timor-Leste for a 3 year project entitled Enhancing the Capacity of CSOs to raise awareness of, and promote initiatives that address issues related to climate change and its impact on sustainable development in Timor-Leste.

The program is funded by the European Union and is active in Dili, Aileu and Ainaru Districts of Timor-Leste

The program has kicked off with a Baseline Survey, Inception Conference, Module Consultations and Advocacy Training.The Steering Committee has been convened and met twice in 2019.

The Baseline Survey Team, comprising of the consultant and staff from PLAN Timor-Leste and RAEBIA, met with a wide array of beneficiary groups covering 8 Sucos in Aileu, Ainaro and Dili Municipalities. The Team:

Consulted with 93 community members (72m and 21f)

Held focus group discussions with 139 school students (54m and 58f), as well as 27 teachers (15m and 12f

Conducted 18 key informant interviews with various government officials at the national, municipal, administrative post, suco and aldeia levels

Held in-depth interviews with 2 CSOs involved in the climate change / disaster risk management sector.

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